I found these pages of eye tricks in one of my magazines.
How cool!!! ;D

It’s a dogs life!!! ;D

Finally I get to move up in the photography world!
my trusty Nikon D200 is moving to his new home tomorrow night..
“it’s captured many of my popular photos and I’ve loved working with it”
But full frame 36mp on the Nikon D800 is just to hard to avoid!!! ;)

the escalators from the train station where I very nearly fell down.

had a great stag do in Amsterdam but god it was messy and over priced!

The great Black Tiger Bar..

we’ve spent a few nights in this bar and it’s a great place!
great view across the canal.
meet some cool guys from Canada had a few beers and watched the football!
Amsterdam is a top city!!
been a great stag do :D

The canal and a church in Amsterdam.

"this church is holding a press photography gallery whilst I’m here!"
I think I may just have to pop in and have a peak later :D

Amsterdam day one on vokesy stag do along with 20 fellow mates!! :D

Had a great weekend seeing my partners family who have come over for her mom and David’s wedding

Photographed the wedding for them and now it’s time for my trip to Amsterdam now! ;D
See you soon uk!!! Stag time with the Vokesy!!!!! :)

Had a great photowalk around Gloucester cathedral today with some cool guys from the Facebook group

This photo was whilst me and Andrew Steel was touring down below the cathedral in the crypt….

Very very spooky!!!!!!! :/

we’re down Cheltenham for charlottes Mom and David’s wedding Monday
And Tuesday I have my photowalk around Gloucester cathedral :D
Have a great bank holiday guys!

Well the time has nearly arrived…

my 1st wedding shoot on Monday and I’m really excited…….

New 50mm lens
New suit and now my new brown shoes! ;D

The guys in my class have worked very hard on this piece of art…

due to the Olympics each class in my school have been nominated as a country, this work is based on a Sudanese artist.

been looking every where for this bottle of wine!
Unable to find it I asked my local off licence for a special order and I finally have a bottle!!! ;D
Crabbies Ginger wine!! ;)
now time for drinking it begins!!!!

A night in with my beautiful lady and our season 6 of BONES DVD set!! ;D

getting my rest in ready for the wedding shoot im doing on monday.

This trio along with my rucksack and my tripod are doing some serious travelling this year!!
Been to London and around Birmingham
Cheltenham and Gloucester
Thailand and now tipped for Spain and Paris in the summer :D
Things we do for our love of photography!!!!